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Our focus is on you as the user. You can benefit from various paro® innovations in protective, simple and
effective oral care. These include:

– paro® slider – The interdental revolution! Interdental care has never been so easy: Feel and easily clean
interdental spaces.
– paro® sonic – the first sonic toothbrush where you can combine your individual interdental care with the
paro® isola F-system. With up to 41,000 strokes per minute.
– paro® 3star-technology – our patented „triangular method” that produces an interdental brush to match the
anatomy of the interdental spaces. For more comfort and greater cleaning efficiency.
– paro® brush-stick – our velvety flocked plastic toothpick. Simple to use and highly effective.
– paro®– toothpastes without SLS, specially produced in Switzerland with high quality amine fluoride and
the antiseptic ingredient Panthenol. They strengthen your teeth and gum.
– paro® fluoride gels – highly concentrated amine or sodium fluoride gels in fruit or mint flavors.
Very effective and with a pleasant taste.
– paro® isola-technology – we were the first to introduce a coating on the metal wire used in interdental
brushes. Protects the tooth enamel and does not create a ‘battery effect’.

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